Pedestrian Safety and Neighborhood Street Improvement

On March 14, 2018, LADOT hosted an open house to discuss project updates, present the latest data from the

6-month project evaluation, and receive comments and input heading into the project 1-year evaluation.

Click here to review and/or download the boards that were on display. See a video from the open house here.


Nearly three years in the making, a new Venice Blvd in Mar Vista is open for business. This new design from Beethoven to Inglewood includes two vehicle lanes in each direction, a parking lane located away from the curb, a physically protected bicycle lane, and four new crossing points. This design is making Mar Vista a better place for the community to walk, bike, drive, and live.  

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The new street design on Venice Blvd between Beethoven and Inglewood is a pilot project. LADOT implements pilot project with low-cost materials that allow for small changes based on the operation and reception of the new street design. As we finalize the most optimal design, LADOT will pursue changes in concrete. LADOT will continue to provide updates at regular intervals on the project’s design & operation, including related community initiatives, like the planned intersection mural at Grand View and Pacific.

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