LADOT is committed to evaluating the progress of the Venice Blvd Great Streets project in Mar Vista. In July 2017, LADOT released a one-month data reveal. In September 2017, LADOT released the three-month data reveal, and in March 2018, LADOT hosted a six-month open house to present the half year data findings and to receive public feedback. LADOT committed to report the project’s benefits and impacts after a full year of data could be collected.

Since the one-year mark on May 20, 2018, LADOT began assembling the data needed to conduct a detailed evaluation of the project across the six goals of the Great Streets Initiative - increased economic activity, improved access and mobility, enhanced neighborhood character, greater community engagement, improved environmental resilience, and a safer and more secure community. This data was compared to the baseline conditions established in the Venice Boulevard Benchmark Report.

LADOT has completed the one-year evaluation study. The report can be downloaded here.


The Venice Boulevard project is the result of several years of outreach and design piloted in May 2017. This new street configuration, from Beethoven Street to Inglewood Boulevard, includes two vehicle lanes in each direction, a bicycle lane physically protected by a parking lane, new high-visibility crosswalks, leading pedestrian intervals for early pedestrian crossing, and four new signals and crossing points across Venice Boulevard. Other amenities such as bus stops , bike racks, murals, and landscaping amplified the project.  

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LADOT initiated modifications through community feedback and evaluation to further improve the project safety and increase vehicle throughput since May 2017. LADOT will continue to provide updates on any further changes to the project’s design and operation, including related community initiatives, like the planned intersection mural at Grand View Avenue and Pacific Avenue.

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