Frequently Asked Questions


Why not just take out the median?

As a pilot, we are looking to use temporary, inexpensive materials to try out a concept. The two sides of the median are different heights, so removing the median would be a major street reconstruction, including new curbs, retaining walls, etc. That type of project would be permanent, very expensive, and would be disruptive to Venice Blvd. for many months.

Where did you conduct before/after counts on cut-through?

We conducted "before" counts on numerous adjacent streets including Beethoven St., Pacific Ave., Charnock Rd., Victoria Ave., Palms Blvd., and Inglewood Blvd. A chart chronicling this is available at the DATA station

What is the baseline comparison?

A baseline was established prior to the project installation by gathering data from "typical" (Tuesday-Thursday) days.

What is the criteria for changing the project?

There is no specific criteria for change. LADOT collected data before the project was installed to establish a baseline, and will continue to collect data on an ongoing basis to monitor the project's impact and effect. Any changes will be based on observed and measured impacts during the initial installation period. 

What is a success or failure?

The goal of this project is to make Venice safer. Success is less people hurt in crashes on Venice, and an increase in people choosing to bicycle or walk, especially for short trips in the community.

What outreach was done? Who supports this project?

Over the course of 2015, LADOT, CD11 and the Mayor's Office conducted no fewer than 12 community events to discuss the project and its potential design elements. This includes:

  • 01/2015 - Community Canvas
  • 01/25/15 - Pop-up Workshop at the Mar Vista Farmer's Market
  • 04/03/15 - 04/6/15 - Mobile Pop-up Workshop at Grand View Market
  • 04/06/15 - 04/12/15 - Mobile Pop-up Workshop at Venice Grind
  • 04/16/15 - Mobile Pop-up Workshop at Venice High School
  • 04/20/15 - Mobile Pop-up Workshop at Mar Vista Branch Library
  • 04/19/15 - Mobile Pop-up Workshop at the Farmers Market
  • 05/02/15 - Family bike ride and mobile pop-up workshop
  • 08/2015 - Invitation (email/posts) to the Community Open House
  • 08/06/15 - Community Open House
  • 08/09/15 - Booth and pop-up parklet at CicLAvia
  • 11/28/15 - Pop-up protected bike lane and parklet at Make It Mar Vista
  • Monthly attendance at the MVCC Great Streets Ad Hoc Committee meetings (second Wednesday at the library) for 2+ years.

Why can’t you do speed humps?

Speed humps are used in Los Angeles on local streets that are not meant to serve regional connections. Venice is not an ideal location for speed humps because it is not a local street and it is used by many heavy trucks, buses and emergency vehicles.

What about emergency responders?

LADOT staff are communicating directly with the local fire department to address any concerns and work towards minimizing impact to their operations. For example, LADOT is working to provide transponders that pre-empt the traffic signals so LAFD can move through the intersections quicker.

Have emergency response times been affected?

LAFD has partnered with the LADOT to implement measures along Venice Blvd that will support our ability to respond to 911 calls as quickly as possible. These measures include installing traffic light transponders that will trigger a green light and yield areas at each intersection that allow vehicles to pull to the right for emergency vehicles to pass.